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Double Trouble

Matthew Hall reports on the expansion of competition law litigation in the EU

Procurement & Outsourcing Journal
November/December 2014
Legal Alert

Jimenez v. Corr

Form Trumps Substance in Distribution of Closely Held Stock

November 26, 2014
Legal Alert

Private Equity 2015

Will LP Bets on the “Upper” and “Lower” Middle Markets Pay Off?

November 25, 2014
Legal Alert

In re: Restivo Auto Body, Inc.

4th Circuit Rules Executed but Unrecorded Security Interest Has Priority Over IRS Tax Lien

November 17, 2014

State Death Tax Chart

November 2014 (revised)
Legal Alert

Advertised Private Placements Under Rule 506(c)

Current Status, Public Comment on Proposed Investor Protections

November 12, 2014
Legal Alert

Update on Brazil: Embraer SA and Anti-Corruption Progress

Subject to Inquiry
November 7, 2014
Legal Alert

Highlights from the 2015 OIG Work Plan

November 6, 2014
Legal Alert

Are 'I Voted' Promotions Illegal?

November 3, 2014
Results 1-20 of 2596