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Firm Blogs

Class Action Countermeasures
Discussions of the strategic considerations involved in class action defense.
The Energy & Environment Investor
A business law blog on energy, clean technology and environmental finance developments.
FCA Insider The FCA Insider
Insights and updates on False Claims Act litigation.
FDA Life
News and trends impacting the FDA and life science industry.
The Healthcare Investor
Insights on issues and trends that impact investments in healthcare and life sciences businesses.
Just Compensation
Focusing on issues and trends in corporate governance and executive compensation.
Labor Relations Today Labor Relations Today
Analysis, resources and commentary on developments in traditional labor law.
Nova Real Estate Development
In-depth analysis, resources and commentary on important real estate development efforts in Northern Virginia.
Password Protected
Insights on data privacy and security news and trends.
Subject to Inquiry
The latest on government inquiries and enforcement actions.