Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Animal Health, Veterinary Medicines and Therapeutics

September 10, 2015

The Carlton Hotel
New York, NY

In the last several years, there has been much in the news concerning the controversy of drug compounding in human medicines. To that end, the Compounding Quality Act was passed. This Act only affords safeguards for human drugs and not animal drugs. The animal drug industry is still experiencing great dismay in the compounding controversy. Senior counsel Brian Malkin will speak on the topic "Drug Compounding in the Animal Drug Industry: Assessing Fair and Foul Practices" at this forum hosted by the American Conference Institute (ACI). The panel will explore this discontentment in addition to the parameters of what is and is not permissible.


  • The legality of animal drug compounding
  • Regulation and oversight of animal compounding pharmacies
    • the pharma/FDA view versus the compounding pharmacy view
  • The role of the veterinarian in animal drug compounding as FDA regulates it
  • Movement for legislation to regulate animal drug compounding

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