Hardeep Nahal Mentioned in The Times about Lloyds Case

April 11, 2013

London partner Hardeep Nahal was mentioned in a commentary by the business editor, published on April 11, 2013, in the business section of The Times of London, regarding his representation of the Lloyds Action Now (LAN) investor group, which plans a £24 billion lawsuit over Lloyds’ takeover of HBOS.

The McGuireWoods team, which also includes London associates Mathieu Doublet and Alan Holliday, has been tasked with investigating and pursuing claims against 15 former directors of Lloyds TSB Bank Plc who in October 2008 advised shareholders to vote in favor of the bailout of HBOS, which led to a disastrous collapse in shareholder value.

The commentary in The Times also notes that Lloyds will be represented by Herbert Smith, for whom Nahal worked prior to joining McGuireWoods.

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