Law360 Quotes Paul Van den Bulck on Proposal to European Court of Justice to Strike Safe Harbor Agreement

September 28, 2015

Brussels partner Paul Van den Bulck was quoted in Law360’s article “EU Regulators Gain Leverage to Curtail US Data Transfers” on Sept. 23. The article discusses the impacts of striking down the safe harbor agreement that was established to regulate the way U.S. companies transfer personal data of European citizens. If struck down, the article states, companies similar to Facebook and Google would be scrutinized by international privacy regulators.

In quoted material, Van den Bulck says, “The opinion is a clear message to national data protection authorities they have some authority concerning the control of safe harbor. So, if I’m a data protection authority, even though the court has not rendered its decision, I know I have liability and have to do something.”

In closing, the article advocates for companies to start devising a back-up plan to share data should the safe harbor agreement no longer remain in effect.

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