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Sarah Thompson Analyzes Lock v. British Gas Landmark EU Employment Case

February 26, 2016

In her Feb. 26 article published by The Times Law, McGuireWoods London Associate Sarah Thompson explains the implications of the recent decision in Lock v. British Gas, “One of the last employment cases to be influenced by EU legislation?” The Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld a 2014 decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union that workers are entitled to receive commission while they are on vacation. This decision − which may affect workers and employers in retail, sales and other industries – means UK must update its laws to reflect the EU ruling, and employers must repay workers for incorrectly calculated pay over the past two years and increase holiday pay going forward. Sarah also notes, given that UK’s EU membership is “in a state of flux,” that the case is a timely reminder of the impact EU membership has on UK employment law. Subscribers can read the full text of the story online.