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Chris Ripple Discusses Sanitary Food Transport Rule With Journal of Commerce

July 14, 2016

Featured in a Q&A interview published in the Journal of Commerce’s July 10 “Cool Cargoes” supplement, Charlottesville associate Chris Ripple discusses the FDA’s final Sanitary Food Transport Rule. Ripple shares insight on how the final rule differs from the proposed rule and outlines considerations for complying with the final rule.

“I think we can all agree on the importance of improving the safety of the nation’s food supply. As these regulations are enforced in the years ahead, the question is whether they will accomplish that goal and how the industry will respond. Hopefully, the flexibility built into the new requirements will enable the industry to continue to innovate and find arrangements that most efficiently manage food risks while meeting customer demands,” Ripple said.

The published interview, titled “Finalized US sanitary rule requires more scrutiny from food shippers,” is available to subscribers online and in print.