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Chris Ripple Discusses New Food Safety Regulation in Transport Topics

January 18, 2017

Charlottesville associate Chris Ripple was quoted in a Jan. 9 article in Transport Topics regarding the challenges faced by shippers and carriers as they work to meet an April deadline for new Food and Drug Administration requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act relating to the sanitary transportation of human and animal food.

The rule requires shippers, carriers and other covered parties to develop procedures to minimize food safety risks during transportation. In the article, “Shippers, Carriers Race to Prepare for April Start of Federal Food Safety Modernization Regulation,” Ripple cautioned that some entities are finding that the rule requires greater preparation than they had anticipated, so parties should ensure they are familiar with the new requirements to comply with the rule.

“Now, suddenly, people are realizing that this is a little bit more than just amending contracts,” Ripple said. “It’s a fuller, broader set of responsibilities that they need to think differently about. Even for clients that have best industry practices, there are still different ways they need to think about framing their obligations to comply with the rule.”