Law360 Quotes Jonathan Lewis for its “Competition Cases to Watch for the Rest of 2017”

July 21, 2017

McGuireWoods Washington, D.C., partner  Jonathan Lewis (Antitrust, Trade & Commercial Litigation) was quoted as an authoritative voice on antitrust issues in a recent Law360 roundup titled “Competition Cases to Watch for the Rest of 2017.”

The widely read legal news service sought out Lewis for his views on the competition cases to watch for the rest of 2017.

Lewis provided commentary for the first case highlighted by Law360 — the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust suit against Qualcomm Inc. In that cases, the FTC alleges that Qualcomm used its market dominance to force mobile phone manufacturers to agree to anti-competitive licensing terms.

The FTC alleged in January that Qualcomm maintained a monopoly over semiconductor chips used in cellular handsets — allegations Qualcomm denies. As alleged, cell phone makers that didn’t agree to Qualcomm’s licensing terms found themselves unable to buy the so-called baseband processors. The lawsuit tests whether a company can violate antitrust law by charging rates that exceed those considered “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory.”

Lewis called it a groundbreaking case that is “clearly one that can have wide-ranging impact on not just the competitors and OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] but on the technology you and I use in our daily lives.”

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