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Andrew Trask Testifies Before House Panel on Constitution and Civil Justice

April 30, 2015

McGuireWoods complex commercial litigation counsel Andrew Trask testified Wednesday before a congressional panel in support of a bill that would reform class action litigation by ensuring that the representative of a class shares the same type and scope of injury as the other members of the class. Trask was a witness in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee’s Constitution and Civil Justice Subcommittee in support of House Bill 1927, the “Fairness In Class Action Litigation Act Of 2015.”

Trask’s testimony focused on the distorting effect of no-injury class actions, in which a plaintiff with an idiosyncratic injury seeks to represent a class of uninjured consumers who own the same product, but have not experienced the same difficulties. He also detailed the various bad litigation and settlement outcomes that result from no-injury cases.

View a transcript of his full testimony.


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