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New Blog Covers Capital Markets, Derivatives & FinTech Developments

September 15, 2016

Bo Harvey and John Servidio have launched a new blog called Derivations.  Derivations mashes capital markets, derivatives trading and financial technology. Derivations will provide insights on interesting deals and regulatory developments for traders, marketers, lawyers, treasurers and other participants in the capital markets, swaps and derivatives industry. 

Derivations analyzes the emerging intersection of financial technology on securities, futures and swaps trading. Topics covered include:

  • the development of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and industry initiatives to implement blockchain technology;
  • the impact of regulation on swaps and derivatives markets, and increasingly “shadow financing” activities such as securities lending, repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements, and prime brokerage;
  • the rise of automated and high-frequency trading on exchanges, designated contract markets and swap execution facilities;
  • changes to International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) trade documentation, market protocols and evolving transactional market practice;
  • the impact of recent CFTC, SEC, and banking regulators’ rulemaking efforts to implement Dodd-Frank and other financial reform initiatives;
  • collateral management challenges and implementation of swap margin requirements under Dodd-Frank and the European Margin Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR);
  • swaps reporting challenges encountered in the aftermath of Dodd-Frank and EMIR; and
  • cybersecurity regulations that impact asset managers, banks, clearinghouses, exchanges and other financial institutions.


Bob Lewis Senior Manager, Media Relations T: +1 804 775 7883
Leslie A. Valenza Manager, Media Relations T: +1 804 775 7536
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