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McGuireWoods Diversity & Inclusion Committee

McGuireWoods’ Diversity & Inclusion Committee is chaired by Baltimore partner Ava Lias-Booker.

The committee regularly meets to discuss diversity & inclusion initiatives related to recruiting, retention, external outreach, marketing and business development, mentoring, communications and promotion. Its actions support the following objectives:

  • Recruiting minority, women and LGBT lawyers.
  • Develop programming aimed at improving retention of minority, women and LGBT lawyers.
  • Increase promotion of minority, women and LGBT lawyers from associate to partner, and from nonequity partner to equity partner.
  • Develop networking events to support minority, women and LGBT lawyers in business development.
  • Develop and provide internal and external education and training to support diverse lawyers and members of the firm in understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Participate and provide financial support for external programs provided by major diversity organizations and minority bars that promote diversity in the legal profession.
  • Support diversity and inclusion programs at the local and national levels.
  • Support pipeline programs, scholarships and internships for minority students.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee includes:

Ava E Lias-Booker Ava Lias-Booker
Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Mike Adams
Michael J. Adams
Chair, Veteran Lawyers Network
Candace Ali Blydenburgh Candace Ali Blydenburgh
Chair, African-American Lawyers Network
Sabrina A Beldner
Sabrina A. Beldner
Chair, LGBT Lawyers Network
Bryan C Brantley Bryan Brantley
Partner, Pittsburgh Office
Joe Calve
Joe Calve
Ex-Officio, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
Joan S Dinsmore
Joan S. Dinsmore
Partner, Raleigh Office
Joy C Fuhr Joy C. Fuhr
National Chair, Women Lawyers Network
James Gelman James Gelman
Chair, Hispanic/Latino Lawyers Network
Rakesh Gopalan Rakesh Gopalan
Chair, Asian Pacific Lawyers Network
Noreen Kelly
Noreen Kelly
Office Managing Partner, New York
Bradley R Kutrow
Bradley R. Kutrow
Partner, Charlotte Office
Hardeep S Nahal Hardeep Nahal
Partner, London Office

Manager, Diversity & Inclusion