Robert J. Couture

Executive Director

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As McGuireWoods' executive director, Bob Couture is responsible for assisting the senior management team with developing and carrying out the firm’s strategic plans. He also manages and directs the firm's operational departments, including finance, information technology, marketing, human resources and field operations.

Before joining McGuireWoods, Bob served as senior vice president for Novell Worldwide Services. He managed the company's services business, which included consulting, technical support services and training. Prior to Novell, he was senior vice president and general manager of Xerox Professional Services, and a vice president of consulting for IBM Global Services.

Bob is an author and speaker on issues related to law firm strategy. In 2017, he wrote a feature article on legal market segmentation and successful strategic planning that appeared in The Practice, a publication of Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession (CLP). Bob also lectures at the CLP, most recently presenting on “Big Law: Strategic Positioning for Tomorrow’s Legal Landscape.”

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Bob Couture
T: +1 804 775 1048F: +1 804 775 1061Gateway Plaza
800 East Canal Street
Richmond, VA 23219-3916
Author, "Postrecession Strategies," The Practice, Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession, Vol. 3, Issue 4, May 2017