Elliot Katz


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  • Cornell University Law School, JD
  • Vanderbilt University, BS, summa cum laude
  • California

Publications Chair, Privacy and Data Security Committee of the ABA Section of Litigation

Past Board Member, Ingram Scholarship, Vanderbilt University

Elliot Katz has a multi-faceted practice, handling: legal and policy issues pertaining to connected and automated vehicles; privacy, intellectual property, and complex business litigation; and privacy counseling.

As Chair of McGuireWoods’ Connected and Automated Vehicle practice, Elliot counsels automakers, global tech companies, ridesharing companies, and municipalities on policy and legal issues pertaining to these types of vehicles, and the greater mobility ecosystem. An advocate who recognizes the important societal and economic benefit of highly automated vehicles, Elliot regularly speaks at automated vehicle events across the country and throughout the world, and has recently discussed his views with media outlets such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, The National Law Journal, Law360, and TU Automotive. The following is an interview Elliot recently did with Forbes regarding automated vehicles: “Autonomous Vehicles: ‘Zero Human Intervention Is Still Several Years Away ’”.

Recently, Elliot has advised clients on the following:

  • State legislation, regulations, and executive orders pertaining to automated vehicles
  • The Federal Automated Vehicles Policy
  • Proposed state legislation pertaining to automated vehicles
  • Policy and legal issues pertaining to vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and vehicle-to-pedestrian communications
  • Policy and legal issues pertaining to the implementation of automated public transportation systems
  • All privacy laws, guidance, and best practices pertaining to connected and automated vehicles
  • Policy and legal issues surrounding data ownership and use pertaining to connected and automated vehicles
  • Issues surrounding in-vehicle data collection protocols, given the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation requirements
  • Issues surrounding customer data sharing between automakers and auto dealers

Litigation Practice

Elliot was recently part of a trial team that achieved a complete victory for a tech company in a three-week trial of a shareholder dissenters rights matter. The dissenting shareholders appealed – hiring a former state Senator and Supreme Court Justice as their appellate counsel – but the ruling was affirmed.

Elliot has significant experience with privacy related litigation, including TCPA and California Anti-Spam Act lawsuits. He recently won trial court verdicts in two separate California Anti-Spam Act cases: one for one of the world's largest media and Internet companies, and another for one of the world's largest online dating websites. The latter case was appealed, but the ruling was affirmed.

Privacy Practice

Elliot counsels on state, federal, and international privacy and consumer protection laws, data collection, and privacy strategy. With deep privacy experience pertaining to internet-connected devices and systems — such as issues surrounding the use of mobile location analytics and other sensors within smart cities — Elliot serves as a strategic business advisor to clients navigating the emerging technologies space.

In the News

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San Francisco, CA 94111-3821

Recipient, Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Work

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