Douglas E. Lamb


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  • University of Richmond, JD, 1998
  • Washington and Lee University, BA, 1993
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Project Finance, Law360, 2018 - present

Board Member, Council of Development Finance Agencies

Member, Virginia State Bar

Member, Virginia Bar Association

Member, West Virginia State Bar

Member, National Association of Bond Lawyers

Member, Local Government Attorneys of Virginia

Doug represents borrowers, developers, underwriters and lenders in a range of tax-advantaged structures using tax-exempt bonds and leases, state and federal tax credits and commercial debt. He has handled transactional matters in more than 40 states, and has extensive experience in refinancing, restructuring and redeeming tax-exempt debt, including in the purchase and sale of entities and assets benefitted by tax-exempt financing.

He has significant experience handling financing for economic development, solid waste, renewable energy (including solar, wind, hydro, biomass and biogas) and energy efficiency projects. Recently, he has devoted significant effort to property assessed clean energy (PACE) legislative and financing initiatives. As part of this experience, he has completed financings using production and investment tax credits, new-markets tax credits and other federal and state incentives. He represents and negotiates with all types of transaction participants, e.g., local, state and federal governmental issuers and sponsors, banks and financial institutions, lenders and lessors, equity investors, credit enhancers, rating agencies, nonprofit and for profit borrowers, lessees and guarantors, contractors, accountants, and technical and feasibility consultants.

Many of the projects Doug handles are unrated, nonrecourse project financings that require equity capital investment and the creation of public-private partnerships as well as special purpose governmental and corporate entities. As such, they also require negotiation of the agreements to secure the land, revenue, financing and capital for these projects. As a result, he regularly teams with his partners in the tax, energy, real estate and corporate departments and brings a true team approach to his work on behalf of clients.

From 1993 to 2001, Doug served his country in the Virginia Army National Guard, reaching the highest rank of Captain.

In the News

Douglas E Lamb
T: +1 804 775 1107F: +1 804 698 2272Gateway Plaza
800 East Canal Street
Richmond, VA 23219-3916

Served as bond and corporate counsel for a tax-exempt solid waste bond borrower on a national basis with more than $2.0 billion in outstanding fixed and variable rate debt in 35 states to finance and refinance landfill, transfer station and hauling facilities, assets and equipment.

Served as bond, lender's and borrower’s counsel on more than 100 separate issuances of clean and new clean renewable energy, qualified school construction, qualified energy conservation and qualified zone academy bonds in more than 20 states, including direct pay subsidy bonds and tax credit bonds. These transactions have involved financing landfill gas, hydroelectric, solar, wind, biomass, energy efficiency, renewable natural gas, fuel conservation and compressed natural gas engine conversion projects and facilities for public utilities, including energy governmental entities.

Served as bond, borrower's, lender’s, underwriter's and special tax counsel on a variety of private activity and exempt facility bond issuances, including manufacturing, water supply, disaster area, recovery zone facility, recovery zone enterprise and gulf opportunity zone bonds, from 2000 through 2016, exceeding $2.0 billion.

Represented leverage lenders, lenders, governmental sponsors, borrowers, QALICBs and other participants on federal new markets tax credit transactions in Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Kentucky and Texas and state new markets transactions, where applicable.

Served as bond, underwriter’s and developer’s counsel on tax-exempt and taxable municipal and commercial transactions involving biomethane for electricity, transportation fuel and pipeline injection, including landfill gas, waste water gas, food waste, source separated waste and animal waste.  Many of these representations have involved joint ventures, partnership agreements and cooperation arrangements among governmental and non-governmental entities to create public-private partnerships.

Represented developers, borrowers and sponsors on transactions using investment and production tax credits for solar, wind and biomass projects in Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon and Texas.

Represented underwriters, lenders, developers, localities, and local and regional authorities on governmental transactions, including special assessment, tax increment financings and property assessed clean energy (PACE) financings.

Represented parties on numerous state and federal regulatory efforts, including IRS bond audits and SEC compliance matters.

Represented issuers and borrowers on bond validation proceedings and in taxable state and local tax incentive and economic development transactions. 

Co-author, "The Changing Landscape of Landfill Gas-to-Energy (LFGTE) Projects," Forrester Daily News, August 28, 2015
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Contributor, Clean Energy for Resilient Communities: Expanding Solar Generation in Baltimore's Low-Income Neighborhoods, Report Prepared for The Abell Foundation by Clean Energy Group, February 2014
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