Daniel K. Slone


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  • University of Michigan Law School, JD, cum laude, Note Editor, Journal of Law Reform, 1983
  • Birmingham-Southern College, BA, Philosophy and Political Science, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 1980
  • Virginia

Emeritus Board Member, Form Based Codes Institute, 2015

Member, Board of Directors, 2011-present; Charter Member, General Counsel, 1992-2010, Congress for the New Urbanism

Member and Outside Counsel, U.S. Green Building Council, 1998-present

National Counsel, World Green Building Council, 2000-present

Bioregional North America, Advisory Board Member (2009-2016)

Member, Board of Directors, National Charrette Institute, 2007-2012

Member, Board of Directors, Greening America, 1995-present

Member, Board of Directors, Form Based Codes Institute, 2007-2014

Member, Board of Directors, Seaside Institute, 2002-2011

Advisory Board, 2002-present; Former Board of Directors, Eco-Industrial Development Council

Member, Board of Directors, Inger & Walter Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences, 2003-2011

Member, Board of Directors, Tricycle Gardens, 2011-present

Board Member, Transect Codes Council, 2010-2014

General Counsel, Virginia Sustainable Building Network

National Counsel, EcoDistricts, 2013-present

Member, Board of Directors, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, 2004-2013

Resilient Design Institute, Board of Directors (2013-2016), Board of Advisors (2016-present)

Resilient Virginia, Board Member (since 2015)

Advisory Board, National Counsel, Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational and Environmental Design

Chair, Virginia Sustainable Future Committee, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, 2000-2001

Member, Virginia Subdivision Street Requirements Implementation Advisory Committee, Virginia Department of Transportation, 2009-2010

Member, Green Building Advisory Committee, City of Richmond, Virginia, 2009-2012

Member, Intergovernmental Green Building Group, City of Richmond, Virginia, 2007-2008

Member, Sustainability Plan Advisory Committee, City of Richmond, Virginia, 2011

Member, Virginia Bar Association

Dan assists innovative clients in designing and implementing their projects. He helps them create the right entities, put together the appropriate strategies, overcome impediments and put together effective contracts for the new types of relationships they create. Most of his clients fit into one of five different groups:

Green Businesses. He helps businesses selling green products and technology with structure, financing and intellectual property issues. He assists them in developing sustainability programs, avoiding greenwash and putting relationship contracts in place for everything from distribution, sensitive data management to eco-symbiosis commitments.

Developers. He has assisted developers in developing their project concepts, conducting project charrettes and zoning large scale mixed use projects. He drafts the governance documents and codes for complex, new and retrofitted communities. He helps purchasers understand the impact of new, green building legislation and green leases. Dan helps his developer clients utilize and create new utility structures for more sustainable power and water. He assists them in negotiating with agencies on contamination, wetlands, historic resources and endangered species issues as well.

Localities. He helps localities create new codes utilizing form-based coding, the SmartCode and sustainability provisions. He assists in the design of infill upgrades and complex zoning approaches such as “planned densification” necessary for modern transit oriented development.

Professionals. Dan works with a wide range of professionals - doctors, lawyers, architects, planners and consultants – in designing and implementing unusual projects and new business approaches. He provides advice on entity structure, intellectual property, contracts and new market considerations.

Non-profits. Over the last decade, Dan has represented and advised national and international urban and sustainability non-profits on a wide range of subjects, from structure and governance to contracts, intellectual property and litigation matters.

"Tell us what innovative project you want to undertake and it's our mission to use our creativity and broad practical experience to enable you to accomplish it."

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Daniel K Slone
T: +1 804 775 1041F: +1 804 698 2175Gateway Plaza
800 East Canal Street
Richmond, VA 23219-3916
Green Businesses

Negotiation of a product distribution contract in Japan.

Negotiation of a pivotal product regulatory treatment by EPA.

Advice on the launch of a corporate sustainability program for an international manufacturer.

Negotiation of a key supply chain contract from a Chinese manufacturer to a US company.

Advice on the structure of a network of green product manufacturers.


Zoning advice on a transit oriented development of 3.2 million square feet of commercial space and 8,000 thousand dwelling units.

Zoning advice on a large-scale traditional neighborhood development in a highly sensitive historic and archeological area to widespread approval.

Creation of innovative approaches to urban agriculture, sustainability, and community, creating governance structures in numerous different communities in several different countries and 17 different states.

Assistance in the zoning approach or actual zoning of urban and sustainable communities in nine states.

Service as part of a ULI panel advising a resort community property owner association on adaptation and retrofit of their community.


Advice to a Georgia regional planning group on sustainability coding issues.

Advice to a Mississippi locality on the rewrite of Comprehensive Plan and the adoption of a SmartCode.

Assistance to a Michigan locality on the adoption of form-based code.

Advice to Indiana and Virginia localities in resolution of zoning issues and new code development.

Advice on relocating towns in Missouri and Illinois after flooding by Mississippi.


Advice to an engineering company on Central American strategy and contracts.

Advice to an architectural firm on patent work and contracts around the world.

Advice to UK consultants in creation of a USA subsidiary.

Assistance to publishers in business deals and strategic planning.

Advice to green consultants on the development of new products.


Counsel for US Green Building Council for the past dozen years.

Counsel for World Green Building Council since its creation.

Counsel for Congress for the New Urbanism for 17 years.

Advice to many non-profits on structural, intellectual property, labor and contract issues.

Assistance of non-profits in the negotiation of important government contracts.

Selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America, Environmental Law, Woodward/White, Inc., 2006-2017

Named to Lawdragon 3000 Leading Lawyers in America, Environmental Law, 2009-2011

Selected for inclusion in America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, Environment, Virginia, Chambers USA, 2005-2017

Named to "Virginia Super Lawyers," Environmental, Land Use/Zoning, Real Estate, Super Lawyers, Thomson Reuters, 2006-2017

Recipient, Chairman's Award, World Green Building Council, 2011

Recipient, 2011 Vision Award- Distinguished Member of the Year, Urban Land Institute, Richmond, Virginia Chapter

Recipient, Henry David Thoreau Environmental Conservator, Better Housing Coalition Groundbreaker Award, 2010

Recipient, Special Recognition for Service Award, Virginia Sustainable Building Network, 2006

Recipient, Leadership Award, James River Green Building Council, 2005

Team Member Recipient, Three Charter Awards, Congress for the New Urbanism, 2003, 2004, 2009

Co-author, "Building Resilient Cities," WorldGBC, The G7 Summit, 2015
Author, "Developing Sustainable Visions for Post-Catastrophe Communities," Sustainability in the Global City: Myth and Practice, Cambridge University Press, March 2015
Author, "Governance of Seaside in 2037," Visions of Seaside, Rizzoli, September 2013
Author, "The Legal Impediments Survey," Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions, Stephen Coyle, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., March 2011
Author, "Sustainability Planning and the Law," Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions, Stephen Coyle, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., March 2011
Co-author, "Emerging Issues in Green Building," Virginia Land Title Association Examiner, Fall 2009
Author, "New Urbanism as a Site Planning Tool," Green Building and Sustainable Development - The Practical Legal Guide, American Bar Association, August 2009
Co-author, "A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? Risk and Green Building," Environmental Design + Construction 2009 LEED Guide, July 2009
Co-author, A Legal Guide to Urban and Sustainable Development for Architects, Planners and Developers, John Wiley & Sons, September 2008
Author, "Maintaining Sustainability," Developing Sustainable Planned Communities, July 2007
Author, "The Energy of Eco-Industrial Development and Legal Elements of Eco-Industrial Development," Eco-industrial Strategies-Unleashing Synergy Between Economic Development and the Environment, November 2003
Speaker, "Economic Perspective on Resiliency," 2017 Resilient Virginia Conference, Richmond, VA, August 1, 2017
Speaker, "Concrete Jungle," TEDxTysonsSalon-Concrete Jungle, Tysons, VA, April 19, 2017
Speaker, "Raising Your HOA: Ungrateful Child or Successful Adult?," NTBA 2017 Spring Roundtable, Seaside, FL, April 1, 2017
Speaker, Green Building Risk Assessment; Adding It to Your Due Diligence Checklist, McGuireWoods Webinar, February 15, 2017
Speaker, "Smart Infill Training Workshop: Kickstart Community Revitalization, Economic Development & Improve Housing Choices," New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, St. Louis, MO, February 4, 2017
Speaker, "Legal Solutions for Failure to Act on Known Climate Risks," Columbia University Law School, New York, NY, January 23, 2017
Speaker, "Getting Projects Approved in the Age of Social Media," Land Use in the 21st Century, November 17, 2016
Speaker, "How to Zone Extraordinary Projects – Zoning and Regulatory Issues," VACLE Live Webcast, Charlottesville, VA, September 20, 2016
Speaker, "Factors in Building and Community Resiliency," 2016 Resilient Virginia Conference, Richmond, VA, March 22-23, 2016
Speaker, "Financial Strategies of Urban Regeneration," WorldGBC Congress 2015, Hong Kong, October 30, 2015
Speaker, "The Politics and Process of Adaptive Reuse" and "The Power of Good Design," 2015 NTBA Roundtable, Atlanta, GA, October 16, 2015
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Speaker, "Ethical Urban Planning," CNU 23 – Meeting the Demand for Walkable Places, April 30, 2015
Speaker, "Suburban Retrofit – How to Get it Done," CNU 23 – Meeting the Demand for Walkable Places, April 29, 2015
Keynote Speaker, "Future for Neighborhoods," 50th Anniversary of Richmond Museum District, Richmond, VA, November 13, 2014
Speaker, "History of VAWP," Virginia Association of Wetland Professionals, September 26, 2014
Speaker, "The Devil's in the Details: The Business and Social Consequences of Entity Choice," 2014 EcoDistricts Summit, September 25, 2014
Speaker, "New Urbanism," CNU 22 – The Resilient Community, Buffalo, NY, June 7, 2014
Speaker, "Present Legislation Affecting Lean Urbanism," CNU 22 – The Resilient Community, Buffalo, NY, June 6, 2014
Speaker, "Adopting Effective Form-Based Codes," Form Based Codes Institute, Charlottesville, VA, May 22, 2014
Speaker, "'You Have the Right To…': Understanding the Legalities of Climate Change," Local Solutions Conference: Northeast Climate Change Preparedness, Manchester, NH, May 20, 2014
Speaker, "Challenges of Sprawl Retrofit," American Planning Association, Atlanta, GA, April 29, 2014
Speaker, "Describing the Future: Securing the Architectural and Sustainability Legacy of Neighborhoods and Ecodistricts with Governance Documents," Architecture Week at the Virginia Center for Architecture, Richmond, VA, April 7, 2014
Speaker, Water and Wetlands Update – Winter 2013, McGuireWoods LLP and Williamsburg Environmental Group, Richmond, VA, December 3, 2013
Speaker, "Organizing Districts Around Human Health," EcoDistricts Summit, Boston, MA, November 12, 2013
Speaker, "Keeping or Replacing Conventional Code Provisions," Form-Based Codes Institute, Lansing, MI, November 5, 2013
Speaker, "Adopting Effective Form-Base Codes," Form-Based Codes Institute, Lansing, MI, November 4, 2013
Speaker, "Potential Chicago Climate Change," 13th Kratovil Conference on Real Estate Law & Practice: Adaptation of the Built Environment to Achieve Resilience to Climate Change, Chicago, IL, September 26, 2013
Co-Presenter, Tonic or Toxic? Reimagining Home Owner Associations, Architectural Codes and Community Building, McGuireWoods LLP, Richmond, VA, September 24, 2013
Speaker, "New Urbanism in China," CNU 21-Living Community, Salt Lake City, UT, May 31, 2013
Speaker, "Natural Growth Boundaries: The Constraints Created by Air and Water," CNU 21-Living Community, Salt Lake City, UT, May 31, 2013
Speaker, "Sprawl Retrofit," CNU 21-Living Community, Salt Lake City, UT, May 29, 2013
Speaker, "Leadership in Clean Energy and Climate: New Directions in Policy and Infrastructure Investment," Washington Clean Energy Roundtable 2013, Washington, DC, May 14, 2013
Speaker, "Best Practices in Waste Management" and "Integrating Living Architecture into the City," International Green Conference 2012, Bangalore, India, November 26, 2012
Speaker, "Principles and Techniques of Urban Design," ArchExchange East Exchange 2012, Richmond, VA, November 7, 2012
Speaker, "Interim Uses as a Key Component of Retrofit and Planned Densification," ULI SDC Council Meeting, Denver, Co, October 17, 2012
Speaker, "Weaving Environmental Sustainability into Supply Chains," VA Manufacturers Association-VA Industry Environmental Conference, Richmond, VA, September 13, 2012
Speaker, "Going Beyond the Building to Achieve a Sustainable Region," Energy Day, Brunswick, GA, August 22, 2012
Speaker, "Managing Your Board," World Green Building Council Member’s Day, Stuttgart, Germany, June 18, 2012
Speaker, "Understanding the Role of Sustainable Urbanism in the Conservative Agenda," CNU 20 – The New World, West Palm Beach, FL, May 11, 2012
Speaker, "Too Much Water or Too Little? Using the Landscape to Advance Regional Sustainability Without Destroying Urbanism: A Florida Transect," CNU 20 – The New World, West Palm Beach, FL, May 10, 2012
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Speaker, "202 G: Reshaping the Homeowners’ Association in Tough Times: Can we Turn Enemies Into Allies?," CNU 20 – The New World, West Palm Beach, FL, May 9, 2012
Speaker, "Integrating Residential and Community Energy Efficiency," Low Carbon Earth Summit, Dalian, China, Oct. 26, 2011
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Speaker, "Retrofitting the American Dream," 2011 Smart Growth Summit, Baton Rouge, LA, August 18, 2011
Speaker, "Drafting Adopting and Implementing Form-Based Codes to Achieve Sustainable Communities," Florida Bar CLE Seminar, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, August 12, 2011
Speaker, "Coding for Sustainable Development," APA Virginia 2011 Annual Conference, Wintergreen, VA, July 22, 2011
Speaker, "Retrofitting Suburbia," "Sprawl Retrofit Action: From Design to Reality; Seeping vs. Sweeping," and "Building, Block and City Context for EcoDistricts, Microgrids, NetZero Neighborhoods and Smartblocks," CNU 19-Growing Local, Madison, WI, June 1-4, 2011
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Speaker, "National TOD Node and Development Trends and How National Trends and Regional Case Studies Apply Locally," ULI Richmond Quarterly Speaker Program, Richmond, VA, March 8, 2011
Speaker, "Integrating More Sustainable Design into Form-Based Codes," 10th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth, Charlotte, NC, February 3, 2011
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