Andrea L. Ward

Senior Associate

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  • The University of Law, LPC, Commendation, 2001
  • University of Manchester, LLB, with Honors, 1999
  • Solicitor, England and Wales

Member, Law Society of England & Wales

Member, Employment Lawyers Association (ELA)

Member, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

Andrea advises on all aspects of UK employment law and has extensive knowledge and experience of employment disputes and litigation, for unfair dismissal, discrimination, breach of contract and whistle-blowing claims, as well as breaches of restrictive covenants. Her non-contentious and advisory experience includes the handling of disciplinary and grievance procedures, reorganisations and redundancies, TUPE and employment related corporate support on transactions. She principally advises directors, in-house counsel and human resources professionals of large multinational organizations, based in the United States and across Europe, in the life sciences and healthcare, technology, transportation, automotive and manufacturing industries, but also advises employers and senior executives on contractual issues, from negotiating terms of appointment and bonus payments to handling employment disputes, terminations and compromise agreements.

Andrea is also a member of the data privacy and security group and works on UK and E.U. data protection matters for domestic and international clients. Her experience includes advising on notification requirements, data breaches, security, cross-border transfers, privacy notices, subject access requests, data processing consent, contracts and service agreements.

Andrea is particularly interested in the challenges for employers associated with social media and IT use in the workplace, including ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), employee monitoring, data protection and privacy rights. Andrea regularly presents, and publishes articles, on these topics.

Andrea holds the CIPP/E certification as a Certified Information Privacy Professional from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). She is an active member of IAPP and regularly attends KnowledgeNet meetings and IAPP conferences in Europe and the U.S.

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Andrea L Ward
T: +44 20 7632 1697F: +44 20 7632 163811 Pilgrim Street
London EC4V 6RN
United Kingdom

Advice to an international financial services company on the breach of restrictive covenants by an employee leaving the business to join a competitor, with confidential information and client contact lists, including advice on potential injunctive proceedings and return of company property.

Advice to the UK HR director of a large Japanese pharmaceutical company on a broad range of employment matters, including reorganizations, maternity and flexible working legislation, policies, contracts, secondment agreements and senior executive terminations on the grounds of capability and poor performance. Providing support and assistance on managing dismissal procedures, preparing correspondence and negotiating severance terms.

Drafting employment contracts, service agreements and compromise agreements for senior employees and directors of a large U.S. – based senior care provider, involving long-term incentive plans, bonus provisions and enhanced restrictive covenants.

Assisting as part of a team of lawyers on a corporate transaction for the share purchase of a UK architectural firm and providing advice on the employment aspects of the deal, including due diligence reports, employment warranties and indemnities and drafting revised contracts of employment.

Advice to a senior executive of a multinational service company, on his redundancy, unfair dismissal and breach of contract claims, for significant unpaid bonuses.

Pro bono advice to a charity providing advocacy services to adults with learning difficulties, on service provision changes and the transfer of its employees’ contracts of employment under TUPE, including consultation, provision of employee liability information and negotiations with the new service provider.

Advising a UK-based professional art expert on the terms of her engagement as an independent contractor providing services to a U.S. art gallery.

Data Protection

Advising international Counsel as part of a team of U.S. and European lawyers, on a data breach investigation and reporting obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

Advising a global insurer on data transfers for customer and employee data, Safe Harbor and Model Contracts, including preparation of contracts and assistance with a review of cloud service contracts undertaken by U.S. colleagues.

Advice to a U.S.-based technology company on electronic signatures for employee consent and contracting with a third party data processor.

Reviewing a mobile device usage policy for employees of an international food producer and amending provisions to reflect UK data protection and employee privacy requirements.

Assisting as part of a team of lawyers on a multinational transaction involving a large automobile manufacturer and advising on cross-border transfers of employee and customer personal data, TUPE and representations and warranties.

Advising U.S. counsel and clients on employment and data protection requirements related to recruitment and background check services in the UK, including advice on notifications to the UK data protection authority, collecting and transferring data outside the EEA, data subject access requests and drafting appropriate consent forms.

Advising a global corporation on UK data protection law and related legislation applicable to the collection, storage and access to personal data of politically exposed persons and other individuals, held within a subscription database.

Advising a large paper products company on UK aspects of data protection, as part of a team of European lawyers, including reviewing and advising on policies such as IT security, acceptable use, compliance and whistle-blowing helplines and data protection notification requirements.

Advising a new UK company (subsidiary of a U.S. company) on data protection in the UK. This advice included completing the UK company’s notification with the ICO (UK data protection authority), reviewing the company’s website privacy policy and terms of use, for UK and EU compliance, and drafting data transfer agreements for data to be transferred from the UK to the United States.

Advising a large pharmaceutical company on UK data protection issues for draft privacy notices and amendments to contracts of employment, including advice on notices to job applicants, employee consultation, consents and the use of employee personal data for the prevention and detection of fraud.

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