Strategic Risk and Compliance

Strategic Risk & Compliance sits at the intersection of legal and business risk mitigation. Threats can be avoided through front-end early warning systems and red flag analysis of overly risky business partners and practices. Our attorneys have worked with in-house counsel and compliance officials to create tools that sharpen the effectiveness of compliance efforts. Moreover, we appreciate the need to build a compliance system that can function with minimal dependence on outside resources. Whether you need to conduct a risk analysis, develop or revise a code of conduct or related policies and procedures, conduct training, perform audits or reviews, or conduct internal investigations, our team offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

McGuireWoods’ Strategic Risk & Compliance team is truly multidisciplinary. We can assign professionals with the specific expertise needed for particular objectives while also bringing clients the benefit of senior project leadership with unquestioned credibility.

This group of over 40 attorneys from eight departments across the United States and Europe bring their knowledge and experience to advising management on issues related to ethics and compliance, including interpreting and advising on the myriad of regulations facing businesses today. Our Strategic Risk & Compliance team offers expertise in managing risks across a full array of legal and regulatory focus areas, including:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Anti-Corruption (FCPA, UK Bribery Act)
  • Antitrust
  • Data Privacy and Data Security
  • Energy & Energy Reporting
  • Environmental
  • Export Controls
  • Government Contracts
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration and Worksite Enforcement
  • Labor and Employment
  • Political Law
  • Sanctions and Trade Restrictions
  • Trade and Customs

Compliance has become an increasingly important focus area for companies of all sizes, across all industries. It is a critical factor in how corporations are viewed by regulators, law enforcement and courts in numerous contexts. The McGuireWoods Strategic Risk & Compliance team regularly designs, implements, reviews and modifies corporate ethics and compliance programs for companies of all sizes, across all industries and topic areas. These programs not only ensure a knowledgeable workforce, but also help businesses demonstrate their commitment to compliance.

When issues do arise, we also stand ready to help remediate the problem, repair program failures and avoid recurrence, leveraging the resources of McGuireWoods’ Crisis Management team as appropriate.

No company can eliminate all of its legal, regulatory or business risks. But it can significantly mitigate them by deploying the solutions offered by McGuireWoods’ Strategic Risk & Compliance team.


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