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Named a Law360 “Automotive Practice Group of the Year,” McGuireWoods understands the automotive industry is evolving rapidly, triggered by the proliferation of new technologies and changes in consumer ownership preferences. Digitization, increasing automation, and new business models are transforming the automotive industry in real time, and companies in the automotive ecosystem are encountering novel legal and policy issues as they adapt to this unchartered advancement in technology.

McGuireWoods and McGuireWoods Consulting’s Connected and Automated Vehicle Team advises clients on the full range of legal and policy issues populating this dynamic landscape. We take a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on experience in myriad practice areas, including government relations, legislative services, regulatory assistance, data privacy and cybersecurity, intellectual property licensing, M&A, venture capital, insurance, environmental, and litigation. Our team partners with clients to promote an environment that fosters and encourages innovation in this space at the federal, state, and local levels.

Providing assistance with the legislative and regulatory issues that have emerged with the introduction of this life-saving technology are Michael Drobac, a nationally renowned authority on automated vehicle policy and leader of McGuireWoods Consulting’s Emerging Technologies Team, and former associate deputy attorney general Gregory Walden, an advisor well-versed in counseling companies on emerging technologies in the transportation industry, including drones, who served as Federal Aviation Administration chief counsel.

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