U.S. Supreme Court Review and Preview

September 5, 2013

Live and simulcast as webinar, US

Panel Review of the 2012-13 U.S. Supreme Court Term and Preview of the Upcoming 2013-14 Term with Particular Emphasis on Decisions that Impact the Business Community

Archived media:

In recent terms, the U.S. Supreme Court has increasingly focused on business issues that fundamentally affect how corporations operate and litigate. Some commentators have called the Roberts court “the most pro-business of any since the 1930s,” while others offer a more nuanced view. Either way, it's undisputed that not only is the Supreme Court deciding more business cases, its decisions are affecting corporations to a greater degree.


  • An overview of the most significant decisions from last year’s term for business and the practical implications of those decisions.
  • Recent trends in the U.S. Supreme Court’s operation and rulings that may impact the business community.
  • Commentary on the direction the court may be heading in the future.
  • A preview of significant cases the court may decide in the upcoming term that may have significant consequences for those in the business community.
  • A discussion of the likely outcomes of cases in the upcoming term.


  • E. Duncan Getchell Jr., Solicitor General of Virginia
  • Tennille J. Checkovich, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP
  • Matthew A. Fitzgerald, Associate, McGuireWoods LLP
  • Andrew J. Trask, Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP
  • R. Trent Taylor, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP (Moderator)
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