Human Resources: One Piece of the Data Privacy Puzzle

February 22, 2017

Rue des Colonies 56
Box 3 1000
Brussels, Belgium

Managing data protection and privacy in human resources, already a complex undertaking, is more complicated with the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation. What processing is allowed? What must you do to be in compliance? How do you manage all the new responsibilities?

Insight was given on the impact of privacy regulations in HR topics. How can companies monitor the use of social media by their employees? What are the possibilities for digitally tracking their whereabouts? Can companies use cameras to exercise control over their work?

McGuireWoods, Partena Professional and Fitch Bennett Partners provided an informative discussion on these hot topics surrounding data privacy in the field of human resources.


Personal data processing for HR purposes under the GDPR:

  • General principles concerning personal data processing under the GDPR
  • Your new employee: the data protection officer
  • Liabilities and penalties

Language of the presentation: English
Presentation by Paul Van den Bulck, Partner, McGuireWoods

Impact of privacy regulations on HR topics:

  • Monitoring / restricting the use of internet and social media by employees
  • Rules regarding the use of cameras on the work floor
  • Limits to tracking the whereabouts of employees

Language of the presentation: Dutch / French
Presentation by Philippe Norman, Business Manager Legal Partners, Partena Professional

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