Final Title IX Regulations

May 20, 2020


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McGuireWoods' education lawyers discuss the Department of Education’s much-anticipated final Title IX regulations, released last week and effective Aug. 14. Designed to clarify educational institutions’ responsibilities for investigating allegations of sexual misconduct, these regulations require new policies, procedures and training of Title IX coordinators, investigators and decision-makers.

This webinar will focus on higher education and the regulatory changes that will alter the way Title IX officials have adjudicated complaints under the Obama-era guidance. Specific changes from previous guidance documents include:

  • A definition of sexual harassment actionable under Title IX
  • What knowledge triggers a duty to respond
  • Off-campus conduct that implicates Title IX
  • Clarification of school liability for Title IX violations
  • Enhanced informal complaint resolution opportunities
  • Due process protections and evidentiary standards

Webinar Topics

  • Changes to investigation and hearing procedures
  • Policy changes institutions need to implement by Aug. 14
  • Training requirements for Title IX participants
  • When and how to involve boards in the Title IX discussion

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