Handling Internal and External Investigations Amid the Pandemic

May 26, 2020



While many aspects of daily and work life have slowed or stopped, the gears of industry continue to turn, and continue to generate issues that in-house counsel, HR and investigative resources must address, from policy violations and whistleblower complaints, to subpoena responses and regulatory inquiries.

McGuireWoods provided an interactive panel discussion about how to manage internal and external investigations in today’s distributed workplace. Our panel included members of our government investigations and white collar litigation and labor and employment practices.


  • Ensuring hotlines function and reported issues are addressed
  • Document and information management in a distributed work environment
  • How and why now is a time for re-examining risk profiles and resource allocation
  • Preparing for hidden issues uncovered by operational changes 
  • How technology can help and hurt the management of investigations 
  • Managing cross-border issues remotely
  • What to do when the government comes knocking, and there is no one to answer the door 

McGuireWoods Panelists

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