Across the Table

A Healthcare Private Equity Podcast


Podcast Series

This series provides timely and relevant discussions with specialists and professionals of the healthcare private equity and finance industry. We’ll share latest developments, provide insight, identify issues and offer takeaways.

Hosts: Holly Buckley, Geoff Cockrell and Amber Walsh

Episode 3: May 21, 2020

In episode 3, hosts Geoff Cockrell and Amber Walsh are joined by Ryan Loehr, director at AMB, for a discussion about the factors that create healthcare subsector headwinds and tailwinds and the areas and businesses being impacted by the coronavirus. Hear about the trends investors are closely monitoring and the healthcare service providers likely to endure. Learn about telehealth and elective medical procedures and how the current crisis will effect these offerings in the long term.

Episode 2: April 20, 2020

It’s expected that distressed transactions in the healthcare sector will continue months after the economic decline resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In Episode 2, Charlotte partner Bart Walker discusses executing tuck-in transactions, including the effect on smaller practices, how to scale down the process, what sellers should look for in a potential partner and how platforms can rework their existing processes and systems to accommodate this type of acquisition. 

Episode 1: March 23, 2020

On Ep.1, Mark Freedlander, Pittsburgh partner, discusses distressed investing in the healthcare sector, including an overview of the out-of-court and formal-bankruptcy process, common issues in distressed M&A and the importance of diligence.


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