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“Deal Us In” is brought to you by McGuireWoods and 7 Mile Advisors. “Deal Us In” promotes the advancement of women in private equity and finance through conversations with women leaders and rising stars in the private equity and finance space. These conversations provide both insights and practical takeaways to inform your deal work and enhance the culture of your organization.

Hosts: Ann Terrell Dorsett, Kelsey Hitchcock, Phyllis Young, Ariail Barker of 7 Mile Advisors

Episode 5: August 19, 2020

As more women occupy the private equity and investment banking spaces of the finance industry, it becomes imperative for companies to strengthen policies that are unique to women who would like to start a family while pursuing a career.

In episode 5 of Deal Us In, host Ariail Barker speaks with Main Street Capital Business Development and Marketing Manager Molly White about maternity leave policies in the finance industry. They stress the importance of businesses, irrespective of size, being aware of maternity regulations and examining whether their current policies are appropriately accommodating and flexible for employees.

Episode 4: July 15, 2020

Many women are pursuing careers in previously male-dominated professions, including highly specialized arenas like forensic accounting in M&A transactions. More female voices are joining the table and establishing themselves in leadership positions. In this episode of Deal Us In, host Kelsey Hitchcock is joined by Christen Morand, a partner and certified public accountant in Ernst & Young’s Forensic & Integrity Services practice. The discussion examines how the culture for women has evolved over the past 10 years, particularly in complex industries such as M&A. Christen shares her experience as an accounting arbitrator, a position historically held by men.

Episode 3: June 8, 2020

While notable gaps remain, the climate for women in the workplace is consistently improving. In Episode 3, McGuireWoods’ Phyllis Young speaks with Yasmin Huebinger, Senior Vice President with Capital One. Yasmin discusses her personal experiences as a career woman and a leader in her institution. She shares a number of factors that have contributed to her success, including cultivating the ability to remain calm and focused even in times of high stress. Yasmin also provides pointed advice to those committed to increasing the number and visibility of women in their firms.

Episode 2: May 19, 2020

Amber Walsh, a McGuireWoods partner and co-leader of its WPEF initiative, discusses dealmaking remotely including valuable tips for those less accustomed to remote work, cultivating self-discipline and staying connected to colleagues and clients. Amber also discusses risk management, an expanding market as result of the pandemic.

Episode 1: Apr 28, 2020

Inaugural episode featuring hosts Ann Terrell Dorsett, Kelsey Hitchcock, Phyllis Young and Ariail Barker discussing what brought them to private equity and finance; what it is to be a transactional lawyer and the critical roles women are occupying in the industry. Episode 1 concludes with advice they would give their younger selves including taking risks, raising issues and self-trust.

The Women in Private Equity & Finance Initiative was founded by McGuireWoods and promotes the advancement of women in private equity and lending through a series of industry-focused events that provide substantive educational and networking opportunities. By leveraging our longtime focus on diversity issues within the law firm setting and extending it to investment funds, banks and other lenders, we provide a networking platform for women to raise their profiles, share thought leadership, expand business opportunities and, most importantly, help the industry continue to make progress.


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