Patent Eligibility, Prior Art, Obviousness and Disclosure 2020: Current Trends in Sections 101, 102, 103 and 112

May 11, 2020

PLI Webcast

Partner Benjamin Hsing will speak at this PLI webcast course offering attendees a review of 35 USC 101, patent eligibility, and the touchstones of patentability: prior art (102), obviousness (103), and disclosure (112). Obtain a working understanding of recent interpretations, case law, along with some perspective on the future of both.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Section 101: still on the move?
  • 102 and its dates: is there a “grace period” for a secret sale?
  • Understanding the “effective filing date” in global terms
  • Analyzing 102 – pre- and post-AIA
  • A comprehensive review of KSR and 103 via the CAFC and PTAB
  • Impact of benefit claims on the prior art date of a reference and the effective filing date of the application being examined
  • Predictions as to Statutory adjustment in 2020 for 101 and 112

More information and registration details are available at the PLI website.

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