Complete victory for Siemens Medical Solutions

January 7, 2015

McGuireWoods partner Dana Rust and associate Bobby Holland convinced the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm the dismissal of a $1.77 million claim against Siemens Medical Solutions, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of medical equipment, including MRI systems, radiation therapy equipment, and patient monitoring systems.

The plaintiff brought a six-count lawsuit alleging that Siemens improperly denied him $1.77 million in commissions, compensation and benefits. McGuireWoods secured summary dismissal of all but the plaintiff's fraudulent misrepresentation claim, which was tried before a jury. The jury returned a verdict in his favor for $200,000. However, McGuireWoods convinced the trial judge to overturn the jury's award and enter judgment on behalf of Siemens, through a renewed motion for judgment as a matter of law. The Plaintiff's attorneys appealed the summary judgment and directed verdict claims and some evidentiary rulings of the district court. In a complete victory for Siemens, the 6th Circuit affirmed all of the lower court's rulings.

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