Private liberal arts university in Virginia

July 22, 2018

Representation of a private university in Virginia to help obtain local approval for a new on-campus stadium, expanding seating capacity from 2,500 to 8,700. The McGuireWoods legal and consulting team briefed key political and business leaders, spearheaded outreach to university alumni and other key groups, worked with the news media, and helped coordinated citizen meetings to address traffic, parking, lighting, and noise concerns in the surrounding residential neighborhoods. After months of negotiations with neighborhood associations, the associations closest to the university provided letters of support to the city. McGuireWoods designed a traffic management plan that provides police controlled intersections, that protects emergency vehicle routes, and utilizes a permit parking system to provide on-campus parking. The many months of homework were so successful that there was no opposition at either the Planning Commission or the City Council public hearings. The special use permit was adopted unanimously with the City Council complimenting the university and its new president for working so well with its neighbors.
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