Virginia Business Higher Education Council

December 31, 2011

Conceived and managed a three-year advocacy campaign for the Virginia Business Higher Education Council, a nonprofit organization of business and educational leaders committed to increasing state support of higher education in Virginia. The program was designed to raise awareness of the significant economic impact of higher education, promote legislation and funding to increase college degree attainment in the state, and establish an ongoing coalition of influential business and community leaders willing to champion reform-based higher education investment with key state officials. Embraced by the state’s governor and bipartisan legislative leadership, the program contributed to passage of new investment in higher education when most other states were reducing college funding. Program elements included strategic design, opinion research, policy research and development, economic impact analysis, fundraising, lobbying, media relations, video and collaterals production, event management, website development, database management, grassroots field operation, online and print advertising, social media outreach, business and civic group presentations, and a full range of coalition-building activities.
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