Lincoln International

June 23, 2014

Representation of Lincoln International as financial advisor to (1) CFC in its $94 million sale to Audax; (2) WL Plastics in its recap by Sequel Holdings and Crow Kaminski Capital; (3) WILink in its $50 million sale to Waterfall Acquisition; (4) Siegel-Robert in the sale of its automotive Division to Guardian Industries; (5) American Asphalt & Grading in the sale of its Mining Services division to ClearLight; (6) Haas TCM in its sale to The Jordan Company; (7) John Hardy in the sale of its jewelry business in a management-led buyout; (8) Cummins in its $125 million sale of its exhaust business to Global Tube; (9) Force Protection in its $360 million litigated sale to General Dynamics; (10) Arsenal Capital in its acquisition of Evonik’s global colorants business; and (11) General Donlee in its $110 million sale to Triumph Group.
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