Former Reagan Aide Donatelli Rebuts O’Reilly Book Claim That President Was ‘Mentally Incapacitated’

October 22, 2015

Frank Donatelli, a McGuireWoods partner and McGuireWoods Consulting executive vice president, delivers a forceful first-person rebuttal in a Washington Times column to Bill O’Reilly’s claim in his new book that President Ronald Reagan was senile in the closing years of his tenure.

Donatelli, Reagan’s assistant for political and intergovernmental affairs for the last two years of his term, draws upon numerous occasions when he worked closely with the 40th president, recalling him as intelligent, alert and highly engaged through the end of his presidency. O’Reilly, a Fox News talk show host, writes in “Killing Reagan” that there was discussion of removing Reagan from office in 1987 because of alleged “mental incapacity.”

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