New York Times Quotes George Terwilliger on Apple, Data Access and National Security

September 8, 2015

McGuireWoods litigator and former federal prosecutor George Terwilliger is quoted by The New York Times on heightened tensions surrounding the ongoing data security “standoff” between technology companies and the federal government.

This long-expected impasse is the focus of a September 7 article titled “Apple and Other Tech Companies Tangle With U.S. Over Data Access,” which mentions a court order obtained by the U.S. Justice Department demanding that technology tycoon Apple release text message threads between criminal suspects to authorities, and goes on to categorize this issue as a potential security threat in the post-Edward Snowden era.

“It’s become all wrapped up in Snowden and privacy issues,” says Terwilliger in quoted material. “If you ask about wiretap functionality in the broad privacy context, you get one answer. If you ask it in the context of a guy with a loose nuke, or some kind of device, you get a different answer.”

The Justice Department is currently involved in another court case with Microsoft, alleging that the technology company has refused to release emails from a drug-trafficking suspect.

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