Investment News Quotes Emily Gordy on FINRA Background Checks

July 11, 2018

Investment News quoted Washington, D.C., partner Emily Gordy on steps the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has taken to strengthen background checks for newly hired brokers.

FINRA will begin conducting a review of public financial records within 15 days of a brokerage submitting a registration application, Investment News reported in a July 5 story. Having FINRA assume responsibility for the review will improve BrokerCheck public database, said Gordy, a former FINRA senior vice president for enforcement.

“This is significant because of the ability of FINRA to do it on a scaled and consistent basis,” she added. “It will lead to greater investor protection.”

Gordy also was quoted in a May 15 story on how FINRA determines the fines it levies against firms that violate its rules.