Fortune Quotes Julie Letwat in Stories on Ventilator Production

April 28, 2020

Fortune magazine quoted McGuireWoods Chicago counsel Julie Letwat in two recent stories about efforts to step up production of medical ventilators to help COVID-19 patients.

Letwat was quoted in an April 15, 2020, story about U.S. automakers using their capabilities to produce ventilators. While the development was positive, she noted that important questions remained unanswered.

“It’s very good and very positive that these companies are stepping forward,” said Letwat, a member of McGuireWoods’ COVID-19 Response Team. “But the devil’s in the details. Will they have enough workers? Who’s paying for these? How will they be distributed?”

In an April 2 Fortune story, Letwat addressed the need for trained medical personnel to operate the ventilators.

“These are not plug-into-the-wall-and-go machines,” she said. “These have to be individually calibrated for patients — and if they’re not, the patient dies.”

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