Rick C. Haskell Attorney

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Rick concentrates his practice on electronic discovery.

He works closely with case teams and clients to design and implement efficient and accurate document reviews for discovery, including collections, review planning, management of large scale reviews, quality control procedures and verification, creation of privilege logs, assisting trail counsel in searching documents for deposition preparation, including searching and review of opposition productions where needed. Rick’s approach is to provide guidance and information to facilitate accurate and cost effective approaches to electronic data in discovery and throughout the life of the matter. Rick has experience with many review platforms, including years of Relativity experience.

“I believe open communication and attention to detail are critical to success, one never knows what small fact can turn a case on its end.”


  • Provided discovery services at a large international law firm for individuals, corporations of all sizes and industries for matters ranging from government investigations, class action defense, patent litigation, contract disputes, internal investigations and other litigation matters. Most recently representing large financial institutions in e-discovery matters.