Minority Outreach

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With a long and distinguished record of community involvement, we continually demonstrate our commitment to initiating, leading and supporting activities that benefit minorities in every community where we live and work.

Many of our lawyers and their families support a wide range of programs: college prep and tuition assistance; revitalization of historically African-American neighborhoods; public-housing family outreach; moot court coaching; board roles for historically black universities and colleges; and Junior Achievement and career-day events with inner-city schools.

We provide hundreds of hours in free legal time to handle pro bono legal aid matters and court-appointed cases; and we support, with time and money, a variety of cultural, advocacy and recreational programs that benefit minorities.

In each of our offices, we administer programs allowing associates to represent clients in appointed cases in the various federal courts. Under the supervision of partners experienced in appellate advocacy, associates engage in all client contact, brief preparation and oral argument. All participants are provided with preparatory mock arguments, and are encouraged to attend the arguments of their co-participants and engage in follow-up critiques.

Emerging Business Forum

In conjunction with Black Enterprise, McGuireWoods has helped sponsor an annual emerging business forum. One of our partners served as chairman of the inaugural event.

Urban League

McGuireWoods’ partners serve on regional boards of the Urban League.

African American Heritage Foundation

At the request of the NAACP, McGuireWoods assisted with the formation of the African-American Festival Foundation. The firm continues to provide pro bono legal services to the foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to organizing an annual festival of "coming together." Community organizations, area museums and local merchants offer displays, as well as ethnic and local food. The foundation advances several purposes, including educating the public regarding the history and culture of the African-American community; providing a showcase of minority arts, including scientific, performing and visual arts; and providing ecumenical religious fellowship opportunities.

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