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The McGuireWoods Client Resource Center provides ready access to forward-looking thought leadership, tools you can use to heighten efficiencies, and capabilities we invest in so you will not have to. We welcome the opportunity to partner with clients on value-added strategies. Let us know how we can help.

We pioneered creative use of alternatives to the billable hour to control clients’ legal costs and add predictability to a notoriously unpredictable area without sacrificing quality. Ours is a novel approach covering all sizes and shapes of matters. Supported by a sophisticated staff of pricing specialists, more than half of major firm clients now work with us on the basis of one or more creative fee arrangements tailored to meet their needs.
Got litigation? Then you’ve got the headaches and risks of e-discovery to show for it. Unlike many firms that outsource discovery, we decided some time ago that we would develop our own document collection processes, which are among the most sophisticated and efficient available. Clients receive senior-level, hands-on discovery advice and the unique services of our in-house professionals experienced in running advanced trial presentation software in front of a jury. We also work with clients to create and structure innovative in-house discovery programs.
We developed ClientSync, our proprietary legal project management program, to assist clients with budgeting and matter management. Using our tools and processes, we proactively manage and track our work, improve transparency and predictability for clients, and deliver world-class client service in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Indeed, our clients have found our approach to matter management so useful that we’ve helped them establish their own in-house systems.
Our technology team is instrumental in guiding strategy and decision-making while enhancing the value we deliver to clients. BTI Consulting continuously ranks us among the leading firms for client service because of our significant investment in innovative, highly efficient technology, and the people and training needed to put that tech into action for clients. This includes sophisticated data analytics professionals who examine large sets of data to identify patterns, correlations and trends to solve clients’ business issues quickly and efficiently.
We safeguard clients’ legal interests and reputations with a crisis management team experienced in courts of law and public opinion. Whether it’s shepherding a client through an existential food recall or adding value to our investigations work by counseling corporations, institutions and their attorneys, we field a joint McGuireWoods-McGuireWoods Consulting team, comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced crisis management and communications gurus.
When it comes to corporate privilege and other ethics issues, McGuireWoods’ Tom Spahn is widely recognized as the leading authority. Quite literally, he wrote the book on in-house privilege. His continuous, incisive analysis of trends and case law make him the resource for clients seeking to maximize all-important privilege protections.

What people in government say and do can have a profound impact on your organization. McGuireWoods Consulting is structured to work with government effectively through a potent team of federal, state, local and international government relations professionals. In addition, clients reap invaluable benefits from our infrastructure and economic development, strategic communications and grassroots mobilization services.

Our lawyers collaborate across industries and legal disciplines to shape and share knowledge that keeps busy clients up-to-date on information essential to their businesses — via timely alerts, blogs, webinars, seminars, databases and other industry-leading publications and events.
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