McGuireWoods has successfully handled a wide range of hazardous waste projects, including matters involving Beville-excluded wastes; mixed radioactive/hazardous wastes; cement kiln dust and other wastes subject to individualized RCRA treatment, and the beneficial use of hazardous wastes.

Hazardous Waste

In addition to addressing the full range of hazardous waste regulatory matters, we have performed a large number of environmental compliance auditing programs focusing on RCRA issues. We have negotiated numerous corrective action consent orders and defended clients in RCRA citizen suits. Frequently that work enables us to advise clients on ways in which they can remain in full compliance at substantially reduced cost.

Solid Waste

The management of nonhazardous solid wastes requires designing solutions that not only address federal requirements, but also address the growing number of state and local regulations. Our clients include a wide range of businesses. We have assisted municipalities and developers in the development of landfills, transfer stations and recycling facilities.

Our work incorporates the full spectrum of development, including land use, environmental permitting, business aspects, and the litigation which may necessarily result from any substantial new solid waste management facility. We have guided a number of such projects to successful completion, and then provide continuing assistance that allows client entities to operate profitably.

McGuireWoods environmental team has also developed significant depth of experience in landfill gas related to energy projects. We have participated in the structuring and implementation of a number of projects incorporating the substantial benefits provided by Section 29 of the federal Tax Code and incorporating additional benefits provided by a number of states for such projects. We have structured and closed the largest such municipal landfill-gas-to-energy projects to date, bringing private investment to both municipal and private disposal facility owners.

Natural Resources

Natural Resource law encompasses a diverse group of resources, from above-ground resources (e.g., timber) to below-ground resources (e.g., oil, coal and minerals, and resources such as water that can be both below and above ground. Accordingly, we have at our disposal a diverse group of lawyers, including both environmental and business lawyers, to help clients acquire, sell, permit, finance and develop different natural resource assets.

While our practice involving timber and water issues has focused on matters in the Eastern United States, our expertise in oil and gas projects extends beyond domestic borders to include experience in Central Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)

Most of our clients, large and small, are employers, and thus regulated under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). We have substantial experience with OSHA-related matters, as well as with matters related to the Mine Safety and Health Act (MSHA) and their state counterparts. We advise clients on occupational safety and health regulatory compliance issues on a daily basis, and we defend enforcement cases. We work closely with lawyers in our Labor and Employment group, who are experienced in this area.



    Various cities and counties

    Drafting for cities and counties "host agreements" in the wake of very active environmental group opposition to new solid waste disposal facilities.


    Local governments

    Assisting local governments in developing strategies to ensure continuous solid waste streams to disposal facilities, without the need to adopt flow control ordinances. Structuring, implementation, and closing of tax-enhanced landfill gas to energy projects, including the single largest such U.S. projects.


    Real estate company

    Advised client on multiple dry cleaning release sites in Maryland voluntary cleanup program and controlled hazardous substances program.



    Advised liquidator on RCRA corrective action sites and structuring of sale of sites to address future clean up obligations of bankrupt manufacturer.


    Real estate development and management company

    Advised client and negotiated with Army Corps of Engineers with the investigation of a Formerly Used Defense Site for residential use in the Mid-Atlantic.

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