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“Deal Us In” is brought to you by McGuireWoods and 7 Mile Advisors. “Deal Us In” promotes the advancement of women in private equity and finance through conversations with women leaders and rising stars in the private equity and finance space. These conversations provide both insights and practical takeaways to inform your deal work and enhance the culture of your organization.

Hosts: Ann Terrell Dorsett, Kelsey Hitchcock, Phyllis Young, Ariail Barker of 7 Mile Advisors

Episode 14: October 27, 2021

When you’re a dealmaker, there’s always a risk of getting stuck in a complicated arbitration if things go awry. Issues can sneak up on you. On this Halloween episode of Deal Us In, join host Kelsey Hitchcock and McGuireWoods partners Jodie Herrmann Lawson and Susan Rodriguez as they guide you through the haunted maze of business disputes, arbitrations and Form I-9 nightmares. 

Tune in to this spooky special to find out what skeletons may lurk in the closet. With the right kind of legal support, you can unmask the boogeyman, confront the ghosts and find it isn’t so scary after all

Episode 13: October 20, 2021

To fully cultivate the kinds of business relationships that produce lucrative transactions, private equity firms turn to talent to help source the most fruitful deals. Join host Ariail Barker and and one such talent, Palladium Equity Partners' director of business development Meahgan O'Grady, as they discuss finding the right tools for networking, advocating for yourself and effectuating change from within. Hear about Meaghan's path to private equity, viewing career like a layer cake, and how everyone, even introverts, can make connections.

Episode 12: July 30, 2021

People don’t want to go back to working in the office the same way they used to, and this shift in attitudes means new considerations for businesses. On this episode of Deal Us In, McGuireWoods lawyers Carolyn Trenda and Dawn Cutlan Stetter, who focus on employee benefits and general employment law, respectively, join host Kelsey Hitchcock to continue their two-part conversation about the impacts of the pandemic on the workplace, particularly for women.

They discuss the challenges presented by a partially remote workforce and how to accommodate employees who may want flexibility. They also talk about how traditional benefits packages are changing to address a range of needs. They conclude their discussion by sharing their personal experiences and thoughts on what women can do to achieve professional success.

Episode 11: June 30, 2021

In the past year, employers have had to contend with a multitude of new labor and employment issues. In part one of a two-part interview, host Kelsey Hitchcock is joined by McGuireWoods lawyers Carolyn Trenda and Dawn Cutlan Stetter, who focus on employee benefits and general employment law, respectively, to discuss the types of questions their clients are asking.

They explore the pandemic’s impact on employment benefits, the challenges caregivers face, and the ins and outs of COVID-19 legislation. They also address the effects on industries that required employees to work in person.

Episode 10: May 28, 2021

Women of color face challenges in the male-dominated fields of law and private equity, but if you strive and remain focused, you can be successful. In this episode, hosts Phyllis Young and Kelsey Hitchcock are joined by McGuireWoods lawyers, Mirlande Telfort and Dami Oguntade. Mirlande and Dami share how they've made the most of their skills and backgrounds utilizing the power of strong women mentors and role models to keep moving forward. They offer perspective and encouragement concluding with the importance of sometimes sitting back to relax and appreciate the journey.

Episode 9: March 17, 2021

Networking events can be challenging at the best of times, but especially when you’re the only woman in the room. In part I of this series, host Ariail Barker is joined by Northstar Managing Director Rebekah Elliott. They discuss what it takes to develop your presence rather than shrink into a corner to avoid standing out at networking events comprising mostly men. They offer tips on building rapport, projecting confidence and steering the conversation. Learn how to navigate an event to accomplish your goals and remain engaged while avoiding landmines.

Episode 8: February 24, 2021

In part II of our installment inspired by the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, hosts  Ann Terrell Dorsett, Kelsey Hitchcock and Phyllis Young continue their conversation on the gains made by women in the legal industry and the hurdles they face. They highlight the importance of women leadership roles, improved gender diversity and the value of supporting efforts that help create a constructive environment to balance career and family. They recognize the statistics showing progress has been made, but statistics also show the climb for women continues.

Episode 7: January 28, 2021

In an episode inspired by the recent 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, hosts Ann Terrell Dorsett, Kelsey Hitchcock and Phyllis Young step through history and summarize key legislation in the national movement for women’s rights. They share statistics on gender wage gap, bias and the impact of COVID-19, among other topics. They explore the gains made by women in the legal industry and address the barriers for women in law acknowledging that while women in the workplace have come a long way, there is still a long way to go.

Episode 6: October 29, 2020

Join host Kelsey Hitchcock and McGuireWoods partners Susan Rodriguez and Jodie Herrmann Lawson for a special Halloween episode of tales and takeaways on state law considerations for buy/sell transactions, monster definitions creeping into your deal documents and some hair-raising spectres arising from overly broad release language. You’ll experience unnerving accounts of Form I-9 and related Paycheck Protection Program issues. Heed these terrifying tales from attorneys who saw the aftermath firsthand to avoid similar horrors in your deals.

Episode 5: August 19, 2020

As more women occupy the private equity and investment banking spaces of the finance industry, it becomes imperative for companies to strengthen policies that are unique to women who would like to start a family while pursuing a career.

In episode 5 of Deal Us In, host Ariail Barker speaks with Main Street Capital Business Development and Marketing Manager Molly White about maternity leave policies in the finance industry. They stress the importance of businesses, irrespective of size, being aware of maternity regulations and examining whether their current policies are appropriately accommodating and flexible for employees.

Episode 4: July 15, 2020

Many women are pursuing careers in previously male-dominated professions, including highly specialized arenas like forensic accounting in M&A transactions. More female voices are joining the table and establishing themselves in leadership positions. In this episode of Deal Us In, host Kelsey Hitchcock is joined by Christen Morand, a partner and certified public accountant in Ernst & Young’s Forensic & Integrity Services practice. The discussion examines how the culture for women has evolved over the past 10 years, particularly in complex industries such as M&A. Christen shares her experience as an accounting arbitrator, a position historically held by men.

Episode 3: June 8, 2020

While notable gaps remain, the climate for women in the workplace is consistently improving. In Episode 3, McGuireWoods’ Phyllis Young speaks with Yasmin Huebinger, Senior Vice President with Capital One. Yasmin discusses her personal experiences as a career woman and a leader in her institution. She shares a number of factors that have contributed to her success, including cultivating the ability to remain calm and focused even in times of high stress. Yasmin also provides pointed advice to those committed to increasing the number and visibility of women in their firms.

Episode 2: May 19, 2020

Amber Walsh, a McGuireWoods partner and co-leader of its WPEF initiative, discusses dealmaking remotely including valuable tips for those less accustomed to remote work, cultivating self-discipline and staying connected to colleagues and clients. Amber also discusses risk management, an expanding market as result of the pandemic.

Episode 1: Apr 28, 2020

Inaugural episode featuring hosts Ann Terrell Dorsett, Kelsey Hitchcock, Phyllis Young and Ariail Barker discussing what brought them to private equity and finance; what it is to be a transactional lawyer and the critical roles women are occupying in the industry. Episode 1 concludes with advice they would give their younger selves including taking risks, raising issues and self-trust.

The Women in Private Equity & Finance Initiative was founded by McGuireWoods and promotes the advancement of women in private equity and lending through a series of industry-focused events that provide substantive educational and networking opportunities. By leveraging our longtime focus on diversity issues within the law firm setting and extending it to investment funds, banks and other lenders, we provide a networking platform for women to raise their profiles, share thought leadership, expand business opportunities and, most importantly, help the industry continue to make progress.


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