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The Corner Series

“The Corner Series” is a multiperspective podcast series by McGuireWoods featuring commentaries from lawyers, bankers and a number of specialists about the developments and issues dominating today’s middle-market private equity. The Professor’s Corner explores business and legal issues prevalent in today’s private equity market. Tune in with McGuireWoods partner, Geoff Cockrell as he and specialists share real-world insight to help enhance your knowledge.

Episode 2: December 28, 2021

In the premiere episode of The Professor’s Corner, McGuireWoods partner David Pivnick shared best board practices to mitigate risk when making challenging decisions. In this follow-up episode, David joins host Geoff Cockrell to expand on a larger trend in healthcare litigation: Private equity funds are finding themselves legally responsible for the activity of the companies in their portfolio.

Hear how qui tam rules increase the risk of qui tam plaintiffs naming PE funds and why investors have a responsibility to ensure proper conduct. Learn why, the darker the gray area of misconduct, the greater the risk is for everyone involved.

Episode 1: December 2, 2021

In the premier episode of The Professor’s Corner, McGuireWoods partner and host Geoff Cockrell is joined by McGuireWoods partner and complex corporate healthcare litigator David Pivnick. They discuss a recent whistleblower case in Massachusetts that challenged the widely accepted notion that private equity investors are insulated from risk beyond the scope of their financial investment.

Learn about the ruling’s implications for private equity funds and the gray areas of board-driven decision making. Find out about the “one purpose” rule and what Dave deems the red flag of document deliberation.


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