Healthcare Strategy 2015 — Back to the Basics: 12 Key Thoughts

January 13, 2015

Looking ahead to the next couple of years, we encounter conflicting theories on what is the right strategy in healthcare. Many of these theories, however, are expressed as untested ideas by professors and consultants. The strategies resonate less and less with what is going on in the real world, what works and what is successful.

As an alternative, consider embracing some basic, existing concepts as your core starting point:

  1. Market power wins.
  2. Know your business.
  3. No single strategy, no static solution.
  4. There will still be a lot of fee-for-service.
  5. Dominant systems face pushback.
  6. To own or not own practices?
  7. Consumer-driven healthcare.
  8. The best systems test new areas.
  9. Leadership and double-hatting.
  10. Talent management.
  11. The great theorists are often wrong.
  12. Cost accounting.

Click here to download a copy of the whitepaper. For additional information, please contact Scott Becker, chairman of the firm’s healthcare department.

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