ICE Serves 1,000 NOIs on Businesses Nationwide Yesterday

November 20, 2009

Yesterday, ICE served 1,000 Notices of Inspection of I-9 Forms on businesses nationwide. In July, ICE issued 654 NOIs in one day. In comparison, ICE served only 503 NOIs in FY 2008.

ICE’s current enforcement strategy is to focus on conducting regulatory compliance inspections, specifically focused on employers in our nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources. These inspections can lead to substantial civil fines, criminal prosecution and debarment. Companies receiving an NOI need to be aware of the potential consequences of these inspections, and should consult counsel with experience in: (1) our nation’s immigration laws; and (2) responding to and defending companies faced with government investigations.

McGuireWoods Immigration Practice Team has experience advising companies with regard to immigration compliance and defending companies faced with immigration-related government investigations.