2019 and Beyond: Perspectives of 15 Urgent Care Leaders

March 26, 2014

The urgent care industry is a diverse playing field where innovative leaders have built successful urgent care models to address the expansive demand for convenient, cost-efficient and patient-driven care. While urgent care’s growth across the country may face headwinds from government regulation and private payors in 2019 and beyond, urgent care will remain a hot area for growth, private investment and M&A activity.

McGuireWoods LLP in association with the Urgent Care Association of America, developed a white paper which focuses on current trends facing urgent care and what urgent care will look like in the next five years and beyond. The authors sought perspectives from 15 leaders who have made a significant impact on the urgent care industry, including senior management of urgent care providers, leaders of the Urgent Care Association of America and investment bankers with expertise in urgent care transactions.

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