The Road Ahead: Top 10 Labor Issues to Watch in the Back Half of 2015

July 22, 2015

Throughout 2015 to date, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has continued to advance its ambitious agenda, checked only by Congress and judicial review. Drastic new NLRB election rules to facilitate union organizing, prosecution of new doctrines to reverse decades of precedent, and game-changing regulatory proposals from the Department of Labor, all continue to unfold. Against this backdrop, we submit this mid-year summary of the most important labor law issues to watch as we head into the last six months of another active year in labor-management relations.

  1. Will the courts uphold the new expedited election rules?
  2. Will the NLRB adopt a new joint-employer standard?
  3. How far can the NLRB push Specialty Healthcare to facilitate organizing?
  4. Will the Department of Labor revive its efforts to restrict employer response to union organizing by revising the persuader rule?
  5. What impact will the “blacklisting” regulations have on government contracting?
  6. Will the NLRB undermine state right-to-work laws?
  7. Are works councils the answer to labor’s organizing woes?
  8. Will the rate of union representation petitions filed, and the speed of elections, continue to increase while the new election rules are in effect?
  9. Will the NLRB finally address whether student-athletes are employees?
  10. Are unions becoming “cool” and will there be an app for that?

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