Winter 2008 Private Equity Webinar Series

Health Care and Private Equity - Crossroads and Crosshairs?

November 19-21; December 9, 2008

On November 19-21 and December 9, members of our Private Equity & Venture Capital industry team presented a series of webinars offering practical market intelligence for private equity fund managers.

Private Equity Secondary Purchases: Current Market Trends (11/19/2008)

Discussion with Charles Stetson and Gunnar Fremuth, managing directors of PEI, on current market trends of the U.S. secondary market.

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Health Care and Private Equity: Crossroads or Crosshairs? (11/20/2008)

A discussion with Brian F. Scullion, M.D. from William Blair & Company, Joseph S. Ibrahim, The Riverside Company, and Keith Koeneman from Kingsman Capital, on current private equity trends within the health care sector.

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  • Audio – MP3 (11.3mb)

NASBIC: The First 100 Days of a New Administration (11/21/2008)

A discussion with Brett Palmer, the newly-named President of NASBIC and Holly A. Huels, newly-named NASBIC Chairman.

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Doing Middle Market Deals in a Troubled Economy (12/9/2008)

Our presentation included a discussion with Robert Baltimore, Director with Harris Williams & Co., on M&A and navigating continued market volatility and credit bottlenecks.

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