How the Obama Administration Will Affect Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity

May 7, 2009

Our May 7 webinar, part of our Spring 2009 Private Equity Series, featured discussion by members of McGuireWoods, McGuireWoods Consulting and KPMG. With the country in the midst of a serious recession, the Obama administration faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Both the new administration and Congress are considering major changes to how private equity firms are regulated and do business. Our webinar discussed the legislative and regulatory landscape for private equity firms, as well as business opportunities arising from the “economic recovery” or “stimulus” legislation including the TARP, the TALF, the FSP, the PPIP and other responses to the current economic crisis.


  • Infrastructure, including the use of Build America Bonds & Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds
  • Health Care Efficiencies & Health Care Regulatory
  • Increased Industry Regulation
  • Antitrust
  • Energy Policy
  • International Trade
  • IP Changes
  • The Budget: Short-Term Stimulus & Long-Term Deficit
  • Individual, Capital Gains, Dividends, Tax Rates
  • Corporate & International Tax Reform
  • Carried Interest & Notes


Steven K. Rainey, KPMG
Thomas “Tom” A. Stout, Jr., KPMG
Allen Westergard, KPMG
Robert G. Marks, McGuireWoods
Terry L. Haines, McGuireWoods Consulting

Media downloads:

  • Audio – MP3 (5.7mb)
  • Presentation – PDF (197k)