Class Action Lawsuits Between Nurses & Hospitals

February 17, 2010

Practical Guidance to Prevent & Defend Against Suits & Current Summary of Actions

On Feb. 17, 2010, McGuireWoods provided a teleconference on automatic 30-minute deductions for non-exempt employee lunch periods which remain the healthcare industry standard. A lack of specific guidance from the Department of Labor recognizing the special demands inherent with patient care facilities has caused class or collective action lawsuits to become more prevalent. These lawsuits—many times spearheaded by law firms specializing in and advertising the ability to sue hospital systems for overtime issues—are prohibitively expensive and represent the possibility of significant damages or settlements. However, there are steps healthcare systems can take to limit their exposure to such suits, and, in some instances, eliminate exposure altogether.

McGuireWoods Speakers
Kimberly Q. Cacheris, Partner
Benjamin R. Holland, Associate

McGuireWoods Moderators
Scott Becker, Partner
Thomas J. Stallings, Partner

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