Nuisance – How It Has Become a Chief Threat to Corporate Defendants & How to Defend Against It

May 13, 2010

McGuireWoods LLP Webinar

May 13, 2010, Complimentary Webinar

Over the last decade, nuisance (public and private) has become a favorite weapon of the plaintiffs’ bar. Corporate defendants have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to plaintiffs in verdicts and settlements. Plaintiffs, including environmental groups and state and local governments, have bypassed administrative and legislative channels to achieve regulation through litigation – forcing corporations to change their behavior even if they fully complied with the law.

This tort’s threat reached red-alert status last year with several significant developments. With the threat level so high, corporate defendants with potential exposure in environmental contamination, chemical and/or greenhouse gas emission, climate change, or products liability litigation need to understand nuisance and how to neutralize the danger.

In this presentation, partners Steve Williams (chair of the firm’s Toxic Tort and Environmental Department) and Trent Taylor:

  • Trace the evolution of nuisance law over the past few years.
  • Explain recent trends and key decisions.
  • Discuss the implications for various industries going forward.
  • Suggest strategies for defending against nuisance litigation.

Also of interest is a recent article on climate change lawsuits authored by Trent Taylor.