Give Me a Break! Complying With Employee Meal and Rest Break Requirements After the California Supreme court’s Landmark Decision in Brinker

April 24, 2012

McGuireWoods Webinar

As California employers have learned, it doesn’t pay to ignore employee meal and rest break rules. McGuireWoods’ Los Angeles labor and employment attorneys provided an informative and practical discussion of this important wage and hour issue.


  • Explain the implications and importance of the California Supreme Court’s Brinker decision
  • Review the legal requirements for providing meal and rest breaks to non-exempt employees in California
  • Provide examples of how meal and rest break violations may occur
  • Explain what to include in or omit from meal and rest break policies, and how to enforce them
  • Suggest actions to take if employees are not taking required breaks
  • Identify procedures to ensure accurate time and payroll recordkeeping
  • Discuss employee classification and overtime issues related to meal and rest breaks
  • Outline steps to avoid or defend against wage and hour claims and litigation alleging meal and rest break violations


  • Matthew C. Kane
  • Michael D. Mandel 
  • Sabrina A. Beldner