Political Law 2013: Compliance for Businesses and Staffers

June 5, 2013

555 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC

Complimentary Seminar

With the ongoing expansion of laws governing political activity, the risks for businesses and individuals have never been greater. In many cases, federal law now requires businesses and individuals to comply with and certify they are “familiar” with restrictions that once applied only to government officials. Speakers included top government attorneys in the field as well as Roll Call political law columnist C. Simon Davidson. Panel discussions of current issues in political law compliance were followed by an interactive Q&A.


  • Criminal and Civil Enforcement Priorities
    DOJ areas of focus in enforcement of laws governing political activity
  • Compliance with Ever-Changing Political Laws
    How businesses and individuals can comply
  • Gift Rule Compliance and Pitfalls
    Frequently recurring issues under the Congressional gift rules

Government Panelists

  • Jack Smith
    Chief, Public Integrity Section, Department of Justice
  • Keith Morgan
    Deputy Chief, Civil Division, U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • John C. Sassaman
    Chief Counsel and Staff Director, Senate Select Committee on Ethics
  • Daniel A. Schwager
    Chief Counsel and Staff Director, House Committee on Ethics

McGuireWoods Panelists

  • C. Simon Davidson
    Author of Roll Call column “A Question of Ethics”
  • Elliot S. Berke
    Political Law Group Co-Chair
  • William J. Farah
    Political Law Group Co-Chair
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